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W7R1 Scare

Having felt great after W6R3 I was all fired up for the first run of week seven but awoke with my left calf hurting and feeling stiff. I was gutted thinking nooooo I can't get an injury now.

Anyway, I decided to leave it until after work and see how I felt. Whilst it did feel better it wasn't quite right so thought I would leave it until this morning. After all I have been running every other day, what harm could an extra day do?

Woke this morning and it didn't feel bad, not bad at all. So off I went starting a little steady but by about 5 minutes it was feeling good so upped the pace a little and hey presto ...................................................................

Everything was fine W7R1 in the, kicking and screaming but nonetheless, in the bag. Greenback is back boogying down a country lane near you.

Hands up if you thought this was going to have a sore ending 😊

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Yep... I was holding my breath! Phewwwww!

Go you !


Actually my now healed calf injury did a small twinge in sympathy!

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Yes, hands up, I was getting worried. Well done, sounds like you managed to listen to what your body was telling you correctly.

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Okay you got me, thriller writer you are. I was expecting some gruesome Stephen King description of physical pain. Well done you enjoy number 2


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