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First running 'bling'!

Used my first Parkrun/walk as my official 5k for my first virtual medal - a rather nice large Ice cream medal! Shame the weather is no longer summer like, but we can't have everything!

Haven't run since then as I was away last week on a residential music course, with very little free time (I did pack my running things, just in case!) and have come straight back into another week long music course (although, this one is non-residential, but having been away last week, am catching up on things at home too, as well as sorting things out each night for the next day of the course). I was planning to go out tonight, but was just too tired when I got home. So going to go to bed early and hope to go out tomorrow night instead!

4 Replies

Very cool looking medal 🥇


Nice bling! Love it.👍


Looking really good! Very well done you!

Get on out there later... you will feel invigorated:)


Love that bling you have to get blue sky whichever way you can


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