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My new nemesis

I have found a great new route for my last 2 runs of week 3. Will have to make he most of it whilst it's dry enough though, come winter it's gonna need wellies. Only issue is there is a very short but steep hill about 2 thirds of the way round. It always seems to happen mid run too and not on a walking bit. First time I thought I was going to stop but somehow managed it - just. Today took it a bit slower so made it up without feeling too bad but it's now my goal to make it over the top taking it my stride.

Saturday is the begging of week 4 for me so don't know where it will fall yet. Got my new trainers today so fingers crossed will fly up;)!!!

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Just take it steady - the fact that you can get up the hill is victory enough for now.


Planning ahead for the winter............I like it. That's committment!


Wellington trainers I spot a new marketing opportunity....good luck for flying through week 4


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