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Follow on podcasts faster

I run quite fast but don't get very far for some reason. I run at 170bpm on my park run but this would be my topish comfortable speed. Have been looking through the follow on Speed and Stamina podcasts but they all run at slower speeds. Am going to make my own up but what speeds would you recommend based on my basic running speed. This is what they use...

Speed = 155 | 165 | 150

Stamina = 158 | 160 | 165

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The podcasts are very useful.... they are all about the different disciplines in running, and you will maybe, be surprised of the results that ensue, from using them.

In the first weeks after graduation it is really good to consolidate your 30 min runs and then try other things before you move onto the C25K+ podcasts.

Many of the graduates used and still use them , solo, or within other runs...

My 'comfy pace is about 170/175, but I use Speed and Stamina still... Speed for a burst, when I am short of time, or within another run, and Stamina within longer runs.... When you start them, if you follow them it is a great exercise and then you can adapt them to suit yourself.

But, trying out short routes, intervals, different routes and maybe a longer route, whilst consolidating your 30 min runs will help to continue building up those running legs...and your stamina and strength. Distance and speed are odd ... and you may find, as many of us did that they simply evolve .

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