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Injured my lower back

I was brushing my dog yesterday, she's a Setter, so quite strong. She had a lot of matted fur that I couldn't do anything with, so I had to cut it out, which she hates. She kept pulling me around, and now my lower back is really painful. she was literally running away from me when I was trying to cut clumps out, and dragging me along.

I was due to do w2r3 this morning, but have had to delay it, as I don't want to injure myself any further. I've had a microwave hot bag on it, and also pit some voltarol on it. Can anyone suggest things to make it heal quicker?

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Ice is good to take inflammation down. Hope it settles soon for you.πŸ™‚


Good Morning,

Ouch, as someone who also suffers with lower back problems I empathise with you.

I can honestly say rest is the best way I find to recover. For me that doesn't mean lying down though as I'll seize up completely if I do not stay mobile so I still try to go for very gentle walks, have soaks in hot baths, alternate heat and cold packs on the area but if it's still really painful in a couple of days please go and see your GP for a proper examination and advice.

Wishing you a speedy recovery,

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These days when my back hurts... I go for a run! On a nice soft surface and take it gently.

But 'bad backs' come in 1001 varieties, you're a beginner and it really depends what you've done. J9_54 is absolutely right about keeping moving but gently.

I like a TENS machine.

Sympathies on the dog grooming... I use a *lot* of dog kibble.


Poor you, ice rest and some movement - but think old floss slow and steady no trapezes... looking forward to you getting back in and on. Good luck with the back healing


It will heal in its own time and you will know when it feels okay:)

Keep moving very gently so you do not to stiffen up...maybe some gentle walks... don't run with pain :)


Not good, ibuprofen and gentle movements. In regards to setter we have 2 Irish and the boy is the worst for untangling and tick removal. It's like wrestling a bear.


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