It's been my birthday today & after my W4R2 yesterday my knees were aching a bit this morning but I've been to Whitby & had along walk around & done the steps up to the abbey, thinking I might need another rest day tomorrow...is 2 days too long??? I will feel like I'm letting myself down tomorrow if I don't run but I don't want to incur an injury..does any me else feel guilty if they don't do every other day??? X


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  • Happy birthday to you! I'm no expert but it sounds like your legs could really use another rest day. You are much better off with a bit more rest than getting an injury. You know your threshold better than anyone else. I also held back today a bit because I could feel a problem coming on otherwise. I ran but I really took it easy.

  • Thank you...I've had a lovely day in Whitby except for being attacked by a seagull for my bag of crab sticks!!! (He won!!!!) they are big buggers at the seaside!!!! I think I'll do my next run on Sat, I don't want to have to not run because I can't...😐

  • We have them here in Toronto by the lake too and they are fierce! Good call on Sat for the run 👍🏼

  • Being attacked by seagulls on your birthday. That is not a great present at all. But brilliant that you are taking it easy to get right for your next one. As old floss says there aren't any C25K police hiding out, although sometimes I could do with them knocking on the door to get me up and out! Good luck next time

  • I could do with someone being in my case!!! Thank you x

  • Happy Birthday Mummycav😊🎂🎈

    We had a few days in Whitby in May, so know that walk up to the abbey is steep and blowy, but a lovely view😊

    Of course Its fine to take an extra rest day, rest days are good for you too, and you have had plenty of exercise today.

    Have a guilt free day tomorrow, and take extra rest days whenever you want to..there are no rules except always take at least one day between run days.

    Hope you had a lovely day.😊x

  • I have had a lovely day thankyou Jan-now-runs....it's a beautiful place...me n my Hubby were up at the Abbey at 12am millennium & it was breath taking, we love it there...& now our kids love it too!!!! Thankyou...there's a park run opp my house on Sat but I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet...might wait till I've done at least W6?? I'm being pestered though!!! I do feel guilty if I don't run every other day xx

  • You could try the Parkrun, but would need to walk quite a lot of it to cover the distance. Week 4 is 16 mins running I think, so even with the walk breaks and warm up and down maybe need to walk a fair bit.

    By week 6 you will be running 25 mins plus 10 warm up/down much closer to 5k I imagine.

    No rush, build up slowly and you will still get there, and injury free. 😊x

  • I think that's the key...build up slowly..you're right, W4 is 16 mins in total so that's not a lot compared to 5k so I'm gonna do another coupla weeks...thankyou...you're such a reassurance x

  • I missed you! We were staying at the holiday park in our motor home last week! We were there for three days and did the steps every day - you deserve a rest! Happy Birthday enjoy the fish and chips.

    I didn't run for the three days we were there as the cliff path wasn't really suitable - one was was too close to the Abbey ending in those steps and the other was just gate after gate so I did a lot of walking instead. It had no impact on my running.

  • Walking/running??? Still better than nothing at all...well done you for those abbey steps!!!!! X

  • Happy Belated Birthday....:)

    You want a day's rest.. you take it.. take two or three... the runs are always there...better always to err on the side of caution,

    There are no C25K police hiding behind trees... : ) ( although the number of us that will add an extra minute to a run to make sure we have done the prescribed time !!!)

    You had a lovely time and there is no mileage in forcing a run:) It is far worse to miss rest days..that is the way to the IC.

    I don't feel guilty... maybe frustrated, but I know the runs are always there for me :)

    Have a good day! x

  • I missed my run today...watched the park run from my window...but will be up and at it in the morning....looking forward to a good cobweb blow out

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