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W5 R3 - I did it!!

Hello all,

I just wanted to thank you all for the advice about taking it slow and believing I can do it. I had your tips in my head as I completed a whole 20 minute jog yesterday!

I dropped the treadmill down from the usual 7.0/7.5 to 6.0 as I thought as long as I am jogging and not walking it still counts so as long I complete 20 minutes I will be happy..and I did!!! :D It was tough at times but towards the end I watched a video on Youtube and focussed on the content, the last 5 minutes flew by because I didn't think about the fact I was running!

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Fab -slow gets you on the timing, speed can come later. Brilliantly done very well done you

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Good! Slow is fine. No need to push things 🙂

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Very well done indeed.. keep it steady!x


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