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Week 8 r1, insanely pleased

I set out on the run tonight having decided to use run keeper app with my Spotify music and to run round my local park instead of around the streets.

Started the warmup walk then realised I hadn't set my timer on my watch. Never mind I thought. The app tells you every 5 minutes how you are doing so I'll know when to start running and I'll just use my watch to judge the extra 3 minutes after it says 30mins done. (5min warm up and 28 mins run =33mins). Off I set and eventually get into my stride and as the run went on every 5 minutes I got an update. Damn the distances are given in miles. Oh well I can convert that after.

So I just keep on going until I hear the voice says 30 minutes run and glance at my watch. Keep on going it's only another 3 minutes I think to myself. Off I trot keeping looking at my watch every so often until suddenly I hear the voice again saying 35 minutes.

What the?? I've run for 30 minutes.

I stop run keeper and finish my cool down walk back to the car. I checked the app. All told I walked for 5 minutes and ran for 30 with the app keeping count. I've covered a distance of 3.52 miles (5.66km) in 35 minutes at an average speed of 10.05 min/mile.

I converted that to approximately 6miles per hour or 9.65kmph.

I'm over the moon. I recon that means I've run 5k in 30 minutes and I'm only on week 8!!!

I'm going to finish the 9 weeks and remember to set my timer next time. I'm also going to only start runkeeper when I start running so I can get an accurate running speed/time. Don't want to think that one run means I've finished the course but I'm just so damn happy!!!

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Well done.

Runkeeper has a delayed start feature to enable you to stow your phone. It can also give you notifications at your specified time or distance intervals and can also give metric distances.

If I were you I would stick with the programme and slowly build your stamina. Graduation is running 3x30 minutes runs.

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Thanks. I Didn't know about the delayed start feature. I discovered later on how to change to metric. I fully intend to complete the course I am just overjoyed that I managed to run for 30 minutes and in the time I took


Overjoyed is about right I'd say for your achievement. Shiny happy graduation badge is surely twinkling in a drawer for you

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Take IannodaTruffe 's advice...but well done on your run.

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