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Back on the road

Back on the road

Ho, Oldfloss! I'm a few days later than intended but I went out this evening & ran Wk7D1 again & ran non-stop for 25 minutes. I am absolutely over the moon because I haven't run non-stop for this long for ages. No twinges or creaks and I ran it at a slow, steady pace and despite wanting to run faster, I made myself stay at the slow pace and I completed the time. No tech except my music, pace and distance were unimportant, I just wanted to get out there & run for 25 mins and I did! I had forgotten how much I love running & it's great to be back. Looking forward to Friday for my 2nd run.

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You look amazing! Simply wonderful!

You ran and you loved it.... that is exactly what this is about. :)

I am so glad that you are feeling stronger and enjoying it too.

I run Friday too.... we shall run together ! :)


Fabulous - we certainly shall xx

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