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So after reading quirkybee's post about making time for c25k, making it a part of your every day life as opposed to trying to fit it in, I decided to get off my backside and attempt this run, and I did it! Happily it was dropping back down to 5-8-5mins with rest periods so that helped a lot!

I'm now hoping to actually get back into a rythum of running every other night!


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Well done you, I do think quirkybee was spot on, if I mess with my timing, the impetus disappears. By regularising it into routine, it's a bit like brushing my teeth. It sort of happens without me thinking oh I have to brush my teeth now. Glad you did it and got so much out of doing so. Well done fellow W6er

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Well done, Lstace! A lot of people actually find W6R1 tricky after the non-stop 20 minutes of W5R3 but, like you, I like the walking intervals. Also like you, I go out every other day. (That's the goal, anyway!) After a while, it will just become the thing you do. And you'll feel really good, in all sorts of ways!

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Well done, we're all here to motivate each other. That's brill Lisa. I'm due to go out this evening, so I'm going straight from getting in from work, whether it's raining or shining haha. Let us know how you do on your next run. Wk 6 eh? FAB 😊 X

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