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Wrist pain still can't retract hand back


So I had an accident on the bike on the 31st july went to A&E at 9pm regarding wrist pain and they did an assessment and they said it may be an sprain doesn't look broken to them but wondered as to why they didn't do an xray just to make sure. They told me to continue taking ibruprofen and it still doesn't seem to do much in regards to making the pain easier to bear. Plus at work my manager won't allow me to take time off she said "You still have one arm you can use so that's enough" by the way I work in Retail.

Any advice in regards to my wrist pain would be great.

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This is a running forum!

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Better to get qualified medical advice.............. while we are well meaning most of us are not medics. If you don't have a GP try NHS 111.

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