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Is anyone else a treadmill runner? Reading the posts about the enjoyment and challenges of outdoor running I feel a bit of a fraud running (shambling) indoors on a completely flat surface. I have a tendency to trip on uneven surfaces so don't feel confident enough to run alone outdoors.

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Running is running - it doesn't matter if it indoors or outside. Personally I have an absolute fear of treadmills - my husband was trying to get me on ours last night but even walking on it was petrifying for me! I therefore prefer to be outside in the fresh air but you must carry on doing what is comfortable for you. Once you have more confidence you should try going out for the odd run.

This question comes up a lot. Check out one from a few days ago

The answer is it doesn't matter. Running is running and you certainly aren't a fraud. In fact, you've shown a lot of courage for starting this programme at all. Most people, sadly, will never venture from their sofas and end up in early graves. You are prepared to do something amazing for your health and well being.

Loads of people have used the treadmill (me included) and even elite athletes use them regularly so please don't feel running on them is somehow "less" than running outside.

Keep going, be proud and keep posting 🙂

I am and felt exactly the same. However, for various reasons, it is not always possible to run outside and you are most definitely not a fraud. Running on a treadmill brings its own challenges as does running outside. The main thing is that you are doing the programme. Enjoy fellow treadmill runner!


No, not a fraud at all! It took me ages to move away from the treadmill, I was petrified and thought I would never be able to do it, but I have to say that now I have made the switch I have grown to prefer running outdoors. I still go back to the treadmill from time to time and in fact I'm planning to do just that tomorrow - I want to see how a slightly faster pace feels for me and the treadmill lets me control my running in a way I can't do outdoors. Put the treadmill on a small incline (maybe 1%) for two reasons a) it's nearer being like running outdoors and b) it makes the footfall easier on the treadmill with less heavy heel-first landings. Well done & keep running and enjoying!

I am! The city where I live is not very conducive to outdoor running, so treadmill it is. The point is: I'm running. And so are you! 🙂


as you gain confidance you may find venturing outdoors isnt so daunting, but equally whatever works for you too :)

You are a real runner, it's just the road surface you're on. A kilometre is still a km. And getting through each week is getting through each week. Don't feel like a fraud. You are a strong runner and you kicked the couch, what could be much better than that?

I hate the treadmill but my son rightly said that they have their place. I think we might use one at our local gym in the winter as their are bound to be days when the weather is too nasty. We are beginners aged 68 and 72 and are doing timed walks, yoga and tai chi with some light weights to improve our general fitness before starting C25k . Maybe when you have built up your confidence you might find a yoga for older people class. It's great for core strength and balance . Good luck

61tryingGraduate in reply to Christo262

Thanks for the advice. I'm also looking for an appropriate Pilates class as I think they would be helpful too,


As Irishprincess says... running is running... you are certainly not a fraud... :) You keep going and keep posting, and who knows, we may get you outside yet...what about a running group?

61tryingGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Anything's possible! I'm really hoping to do a park run in the future.

OldflossAdministrator in reply to 61trying

Then you will... why not :)


I've done both before - but have been doing the plan outside- however as the dark mornings and nights start to kick in I'm not going to be able to do the runs outside that I'm doing now (countryside beautiful by day - but no street lights!!) so will be opting for the treadmill at the gym. Date I mention the C word in July??..... I might as Santa to bring me one so I can use it at home - otherwise I'm limited to weekends..... keep on running & try a random incline setting if you fancy a challenge sometimes 😀🏃🏻‍♀️🐵

TheziggyGraduate in reply to ChunkyMonkey

He'll have a job getting it down the chimney though ho ho ho

Hi. I was the same I've a treadmill and find it easier for me than outdoors. Not having one of those activity watches it's useful to know how fast or slow I'm going and how far I've run. Like the rest of the replies it doesn't matter how, running is running. Don't feel guilty

not a fraud, just not as much of a cheapskate as me.

61tryingGraduate in reply to Jude314159

One of the advantages of age is access to my local leisure centre so I'm still officially a cheapskate!

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