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W5R3 in the bag


Absolutely astounded! Can't believe it, I've only gone and run for 20 minutes solid. Not very fast, averaging around the 6 min 30 sec per kilometre, which by my reckoning will leave me around half a kilometre short for the 5k in 30 min and given another 10 minutes running is required! I still have a mountain to climb in the next 4 weeks. Good job I don't mind climbing!

Thanks to all you guys for carrying me this far.

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Well done. It's a brilliant feeling when you run 20 minutes continuously.. huge achievement!🎉

Congratulations! What a great feeling! No worries about your speed. That will come later. For now just enjoy the fact you ran 20 min straight! That's a big deal!! 🏅

Not very fast, for goodness sake that's speedy Gonzales pace.... I am doing 9 to 9 and a half. Blimey oh Riley, how we do we keep up with you? You should be so chuffed at that distance and that speed. Wow

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