Hi Help.... I started couch25k about 4 weeks ago but a different app version 😬 I'm 51 was a stone & half overweight ( have lost that now) and a real couch potato 😬Woke up one day n decided .... no more ... I need to get moving.... easier said than done 😬 I've repeated week1 Days 1 2 & 3 twice and W2 Run 1 twice and it's still killing me.,,,,, silly app.,,, no support system and want money to move through the program!!!Found this app today (So Much better) and love seeing the support so question is ....am I just not pushing myself to move forward with the app or should I continue repeating until I'm comfortable to move on? I've done Day1 Run one this evening and I'm still puffing and panting as I type😬😱 but feel I'm recovering quicker and feel great after recovery.,,, I use to Run in my teens (many many many years ago so I know it takes time n training) I'm kind of feeling like a silly woman with a big dream of getting back into running 😢


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  • I'm older than you and never run before in my life. Just graduated a couple of weeks ago. So no, it's not a silly dream. Sounds like you might get on better with this app than the one you had before.

    Don't keep repeating. If you've run the required number of minutes then you've done the run. tick it off and move on. If you are out of breath, that's the point really. It's how you get fit. If you are really, really out of breath you are probably running too fast. Slow it down, but keep going.

    If you feel great after recovery then it sounds like it's the right thing for you to do. Keep at it, keep posting here, and before you know it you will be running 30 minutes without a break.

  • Thank you I'll start again and keep pushing forward through this app I did start off jogging slow that initial lift off was a killer lol but thinking about it pace has increased a tad so I'll slow it down in future! Congratulations on graduating x i live in hope x

  • Yes, the length of time you run for goes up each week, so it gets harder as you build up your running strength. No need to also increase the speed.

    I think you made a mistake in how you ended your reply. You didn't mean I live in hope. You meant I look forward to joining you, didn't you?

  • Lol of course that's exactly what I ment ..... I look forward to joining you x can I ask another question..... is it ok to use the treadmill sometimes? I much prefer to be outside in the fresh Air but have a gym membership that's only being used for Aqua classes so thought I could put some time in there if the weather is really bad on run day?

  • I have never used a treadmill and for me part of the point of running was not needing to go to a gym or pool to exercise. But lots of people on this forum use them for some or all of their runs so if you have treadmill questions there will be plenty of people who can help.

  • Ahhhhh I'll ask again if the need arises.... I much prefer to be outside in the fresh air it's cooler and more interesting 😘 love the aqua class though bit of a water baby In my younger days spent my life at the pool or on the track as a teen ohhhhh how times change lol x thanks for your help and advise much appreciated x

  • Are you using this programme..?


    Right... first of all breathe! Then... slow down.... if you are puffing and panting... slow down more... :) Slow and steady is the way! It works.

    You are not a silly woman at all! I ran for my County many, many years ago and now, at 67 I run three times a week and am running 10K and beyond! You can do this... :)

    Move on.... but do it as slowly as you like.... relaxed and steady.... this is a journey... your journey.... not a race. It is supposed to be enjoyable and you will do that when you just go with it...It does take time... you have got it... and you have our support too... so... next time out... gently does it... we are right there with you :)

  • Hi Erm....no I don't think it's that exact one I've deleted the one I was using because it wasn't free after W2R1. I found one today Couch 2 5k BBC it appears to do the same walk run thing...to be honest I don't even know where I found HealthUnlocked (menopausal moment) do u download the above link every week you complete ? I don't even know what a podcast is 😬😬😬😬😬😬 😊😊

  • This link..


    You download the podcasts and they are all free...? A podcast is just a digital audio file that can be downloaded to a phone or computer or mobile device:)

  • This is the link that links you to Health unlocked:)


  • Ah..... I found that again now ..and managed to save it! I'm not good with technology 😬 was more wondering what apps people use for the couch25k training? There's so many n so many questions regarding them.... as well as talking through the program do they track your Walk/run time distance ? What's the easiest one to use? Is there a free one that doesn't require an in app purchase? (Probably a silly question) ! I just clicked on the link in HealthUnlocked and it said download podcast..😬 I feel a little silly for not understanding it all 😬 but thanks for trying to help !

  • itunes.apple.com/gb/app/one...


    These are links to a couple of the apps folk use... You can get those depending what kind of phone you have.. or if you download the NHS podcats they will take you rhought the porgramme.

    They are all free... :)

  • Thank you for your time and patience 😊 I have the top app u listed so will stick with that one n keep going making sure I move through the program without repeating 😱 Roll on Saturdays run day 😃 advise much appreciated 😘

  • You are welcome.. keep posting and any questions you have just ask.. if I don't know the answer someone will or I can at least find the answer for you!

    Happy run Saturday :)

  • It's not a big dream to be a runner. You are already one, it takes time to reprogrammé your bod. You're doing well, move on and trust in your legs, heart and mind. Good luck next run out

  • Thank you 😘

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