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Running after giving blood

Gave blood last night. First time I've given blood since I've been running - or, more appropriately, since I've been shuffling! I was thinking I would be ok to do Parkrun on Saturday but people have been telling me I need to rest for longer. Didn't do anything last night and no plans to do any exercise before Saturday. Thought I'd throw it out to the oracles on here for advice!

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I last gave blood on a run day (the run was early morning and the donation session was in the evening). I took the following day as rest (as usual) then ran the day after, so about 36 hours after giving. I was ok, I didn't feel any different than usual. However I felt confident to do this as I generally don't suffer any side effects. I guess it depends on how you feel after giving. I'd say if you feel ok go for it, but be prepared to slow down, walk or even drop out if you feel the slightest bit unwell.


There was a post on this by igaT 4 days ago.

It can be a bit of a variable, but if given a day or so to let the blood buildup again before excercising, it can take upto a month to fully replenish red blood cells though,but that may be more noticeable in elite athletes with performance drop. If you feel OK then have a go at Parkrun, you haven't got to run all of it.😊

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I put a bit of a detailed reply on the post a couple of days ago about giving blood recently, you'll see other replies there too!

You can always walk Parkrun if you need to so if it was me I'd give it a go either way. I will warn you, you may think you're recovering well and feeling ok, but that first run will make you question everything! 😂 I know I find it hard to catch my breath for a while after giving blood and my legs feel like tonne weights, but everyone's different. Just prepare yourself that you may have to walk a chunk of it depending on how you feel, but a 5k walk is the same distance as a 5k run after all!

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I'd play it by ear. If you feel fighting fit on Saturday morning then run. If you are feeling in any way not 100 percent up to snuff, then skip it (I don't mean skip round the course).


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