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1st Post Grad Run

My 1st run post grad Run was a bit of a disaster and I'm really disappointed! 😥I had ran for about 15 mins but the inside of my left ankle had been niggling throughout and then the pain went up the left side of my calf so thought I had better stop in case I did any damage. I'm not sure what I have done, any ideas on what it could be and how long to rest for? 😀

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Oh dear.... well, it could be so many things...holding yourself tightly,( we can do that when we are concentrating on our running), excitement... trying a bit too hard, muscles not warmed up enough, maybe setting off too fast too soon!

You were right to stop...I am just off the IC, after a calf injury which has stopped me running for nearly a month. It turned out when I finally saw a Sports Physio therapist to have been a minor tear.

Now, don't panic, your's will almost certainly be nothing like that!

When I first got the injury I did everything, everything, by the book.. RICE treatment and I rested, apart from some gentle mobility stretching for over a week, but when I tried a gentle, slow and steady run it kicked in again..long story short after twelve more days rest and self-treatment, it kicked in again..so time to get it sorted. Two sessions of Physio, acupuncture and another two weeks rest, apart from rolling when the sensitiveness stopped, a strict exercise regime and and walking, cycling, or swimming.....!

So... we are no experts but... RICE and roll if it is not too painful. I am allowed to do a short (20 mins max)..walk/run at the moment.. all on the flat!...did my first one on Monday...and I have to roll and massage before I even set out... ( Physio rules) and then again when I come int.. with his exercise regime too

So.. try some self treatment first, but you will know if that is not successful...and you may want to get it checked sooner rather than later.


This is quite a useful site for reference...but if you are in real pain,,, then get it checked out by an expert would be my advice!


Sorry for the depressing answer... you I am sure will be fine :)

The good news... it will sort and the runs are still there!!!


Thanks I'll try the rice and give it a few days rest then see how it feels.😊

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