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Nice start

Well, I am relieved that R1W5 is all done and that despite the usual initial reluctance from my legs, a couple of minutes into the first run just got into a rhythm and the rest flowed.

After my fears about W5 I am now really believing that R3, the 20 minute run, is possible, sure it will hurt but I have found that the most difficult part of any of the runs so far have been the first minute or so and the last minute, so I am looking forward to 18 minutes of blissful peace and tranquility.

Thanks to everyone's support, couldn't do it without you guys.

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Well done you - I'm only on wk2 r3 so cannot imagine 20 mins run at the moment or in fact wk3 runs . Everyone on here so supportive and I love following everyone's progress . You will be graduating before you know it . Great start to your day 🏃


... and in a couple of weeks you will know what it was like as you cruise through to the next runs :)

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You will do it absolutely no doubt. The legs get a momentum of their own. Well done to you


If it is only the first and last minute of the run that are the hardest.. go you!

For most of us, even after Graduation...the Toxic Ten at the beginning of runs is dastardly! Well done! :)

Finding that comfy pace is wonderful isn't it.. I liked the longer runs because of it... you are doing wonderfully... keep taking it steady and slow and your self-belief will get you there!

Onward and upward!


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