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Graduated and wanting more


Hi! I graduated 2-3 weeks ago (super proud of myself obvs!!) and have a 10k run planned in a couple of months. Friends have been suggesting getting my gait measured.... in planning on running 3-4 times/week and really want to get better. Would this really help me improve my running + confort whilst running? I know my feet go slightly inward when running and wonder if this would benefit me (with what I expect is a new pair of running shoes)

Thank you and to all staters out there, DONT give up, the programme really works!

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I had a gait analysis done half way through the plan. My new shoes have made a big difference to comfort. Go to an independent specialist running shop. They are staffed by experienced people who also run and will give you the correct advice.



It sounds like you will very much benefit from a gait analysis.

Make sure you go to an independent local running shop rather than a big chain . At the smaller independents staff are trained in their craft and are generally runners themselves. They are super helpful. If you buy from the shop the gait analysis is generally free.

Be prepared to spend quite some time trying and selecting the correct shoe for you. It may be worth ringing the shop and asking when their quieter times are.

Also it is always worth asking if they have anything in the sale that are right for you. Good luck runnner!


Being the cynic that I am, I was suspicious that gait analysis was just another marketing ploy but after an Achilles injury that may have in part been caused by using trail shoes on the road, I decided to bite the bullet.

The knowledgeable guy in the independent shop I went to videoed me running on the dreadmill in my own shoes, then we analysed it together. It was clear that my foot rolled outwards and that I was pushing off from my outer toes. I tried the suggested support shoes and lo and behold my foot was stabilised and my push off was from my inner toes, but even more noticeable was the improved alignment of my knees and ankles. When I first ran outside with the shoes, which I purchased after a struggle with my credit card, I could feel the hairs on the inside of my knees gently rubbing together.

Those remain the most expensive item of clothing/ footwear that I have ever bought. They are two years old ( I rotate them with my other shoes) and are probably past their best, but were a great investment. With the amount of running you are planning, I would say it is a worthwhile investment.

.... and make sure you get some good running socks, they are like the icing on the cake for perfect comfort.

Well done for graduating ... you're definitely a runner now!

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