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W5R3 treadmill v road

So I started c25k on the road but moved on to the treadmill at week 2 when the weather turned rubbish. I've got to w5r2 but before tackling the dreaded 20 min run thought I would do run 1 again on the road. Omg it was awful I could barley do it, in fact I cheated a couple of times and dropped to a walk. I know it's different road to treadmill but honestly feel like I'm right back at square one. That run was horrible and so demotivated now feeling like an over weight breathless blob! Sorry for my moan just needed to get it off my chest! ☹️

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Every run is training for the next one........learn the lessons, take the positives, move on.

Well done you.

Do you have your dreadmill set to an incline, to "simulate" running outdoors?

It is much harder to run outdoors, apparently, (I have only tried a dreadmill once for gait analysis and it was the hardest thing I have ever done.........infernal machine) so there is bound to be a transition period. Cut yourself some slack.

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