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Sore Lungs!

W6r1 done today, found it not bad at all after the hideous w5r3!! However I have a question:

I am now resting and feel fine in myself, but have what can only be described as sore, burning lungs, with a dry but sore, deep cough. I don't have a bug of any sort. Do lungs get sore just as leg muscles can do when you're unfit? (Though bizarrely, as someone who's never used her legs for much, I'm not getting sore leg muscles!). I am an ex-smoker (3 years ago), maybe it's lung damage being aggravated? Just wondered if anyone has had this and whether it's just part of the process and will go away in time. It started after I really struggled with but did complete w5/r3 and seems to have got worse after today's run. My breathing is obviously hard work but I don't feel overly breathless when running, and do concentrate on being relaxed and using the full lung capacity.

Any thoughts gratefully received :-)

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It is probably normal. I say that because it is perfectly normal to get symptoms as you describe after anything that makes you breath hard for an extended period, but only you can know if it feels like something else.

I don't think it's actually muscle fatigue around the lungs. The main muscle for that purpose, the diaphragm, is very powerful even in unfit people. Much more likely is just the fact that more air has been rushing through your airways with greater force than you're used to. That is going to dry stuff out and irritate the airways a bit.

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Thank you so much! Yes, a dry irritation sums it up, and yes, air rushing through with greater force definitely sums it up!!

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