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Just completed Week 5

Can't believe I've just completed Week 5. W5/D1 felt like a struggle but I think the very hot day didn't help and maybe I should have waited for an hour or two to go out. For the next run I felt very positive with lots of energy so I skipped W5/D2 and did D3. I found I didn't need a 5 minute walk so cut it down to 3. When I finished I did feel tired but nowhere as much as I expected. My knees are a bit sore afterwards but I'm hoping this natural and that the people who seem keen to offer advice that "running will knacker your knees at your age" are wrong

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Sorry to nag but don't skip sessions and don't stint on the warm up. At only five minutes it's the bare minimum

I think the knee thing is just folklore from folks who have no idea what they're on about. Ask them to name a person they know to have busted their knees and they go all quiet 😃

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