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Feeling defeated

So I have never been a runner - always pants at it from school. Began this programme and felt vey upbeat that I was giving it go. Ran wk 4 run 2 and have now got awful pain in one calf. Have rested it for 5 days now and after seeming to get better is worse again. If I can only get to week 4 before injuring myself what are the chances of me completing this? Reinforces all my fears that running is beyond me.

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Injury is so frustrating. Once you are better and start running again you will get your mojo back. You can do this. I did and at 55 I had never run before. I have been really careful, bought properly fitted running shoes at week 4, making sure I stretch every day, never missing a rest day and taking more when it wasn't sensible to run. Managed not to get a running injury but a couple of non running injuries. They still made me feel like you do - I will never make it to the end etc. But last weekend I did it.

You need to be really careful not to do too much too soon and make it worse again. If you can see a sport physio that would be a good idea. They should be able to tell you why you got injured and give you exercises or stretches to stop it happening again. I had knee problems a few years ago and was worried the running would make it come back but I did the stretches the physio showed me then and it's not come back.

Keep posting your frustration on here - several people on the injury couch posting at the moment. Don't give up. If you can get to week 4 you can do it. I look forward to reading your graduation post whenever you get there.

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No! It'seems really not beyond you, but it does sound like you might have been pushing too hard. When you next go out, drop back to week 3 and take it REALLY slow! I mean really, really slow. These first weeks you only need to be completing the action (that is only having one foot on the ground while you run) not trying to push it as hard as you can. You need to give your muscles some time to recognise what it is they are doing before expecting them to perform after years of inaction. Give yourself a few more days to rest and the build up again slowly :)

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Thanks. I did try to go a bit faster in run 2 because when Laura said about feeling tired and fatigued I hadn't in run 1 of that week so felt I should up my game. Was feeling Ok resting when it seemed to be improving but now it feels worse again... Appreciate your support and advice


So just wanted to say that I did a week 3 run last night and leg feels good, so hoping that I can get going again. I plan to go easy though.


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