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Week 8 failure

I am just back from my first run of week 8 and had my first failure. I managed about 13 minutes continuous running before total exhaustion kicked in and I started walking. I had another 2 attempts at getting back on it which also resulted in having to walk again. Although I will move on and just start week 8 again, I wonder if I will have a big psychological battle on my hands to achieve this run now. And also I am wondering how I couldn't manage so early in this run when I have not had a problem with the 25 minute runs before. Any advice much appreciated ☺️

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Careful not to build this out of proportion. These things happen and (in danger of sounding like my grandad) it's character building👍

Put it down to experience and learn from it. Were you tired? Was it hot? Was it a different time of day? A faster pace? Was something different to usual?

Next run is a new run 🏃


Bad runs happen sometimes - never judge the next one by today's! Maybe you are just tired, fighting something off or maybe the gremlins got to you.😮 Just trust in the programme and believe that you can do this (which of course you can because you have got this far). Maybe think of a positive mantra to say in your head if those gremlins come anywhere near! Take an extra rest day perhaps and then go for it! 🙂


If you got to the end of week 7 you can get to the end of week 9. Something happened to make this run harder. Could be all sorts of things. But it doesn't affect the next run... unless you let it.

Rest and start again another day. You will be fine next time.


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