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Davina Fit in 15, anyone?

As I slowly build up my running again following a stint on the IC, I am looking for additional exercise and have just bought this to supplement things on 'rest' days. Am having to be a little careful in what I choose to do at the moment (don't want to upset my back again) so am starting with the 'arms workout' and part of the core workout. Really enjoyed doing them (although I got a few odd looks from my teenage son!) Good little workouts in my opinion - anyone else done any Davina DVDs?🙂

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I also do fit in 15 on my rest days. I've had the DVD for a long time and used it solely for a while which really did help my body shape and weight loss at the time. I only ever do the "Core" section to be honest but I do find it easier to do these days then back then. I think the C25K has improved my energy levels.

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Thanks, great that you have found it beneficial.


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