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Wow, that's all I can say. It was everything I had hoped. That's the way I shall remember it. In reality, OMG. Didn't go first thing, late up, went at school dropping off time, which kinda helped, didn't want to look pathetic running past all the lovely mums dropping of their treasures., so smiled and ran trying to look cool.

With the different running times I found myself at the bottom of, probably the only hill in Suffolk just as the first 5 minute run started. Oh well I thought, dig deep, and I did, almost hit oil, that's how deep I had to dig.

The 2.5 minute walk was bliss and the third run seemed easier than the first. However, the last 5 minute run was hurtful and by this time I was back passing the school where all the lovely mums were standing gossiping or what ever it that mums find to talk about.

By now I must have looked like sh1t (pardon the language but I have tried to think of a more descriptive word but actually that is the most apt) and not the fine athlete I had portrayed first time round. There was a small child sat in a pushchair staring at me as I approached who had a look on his face as if to confirm my above mentioned appearance. I did manage a smile for him, or her, but as for all the mums, well, I don't think they even noticed me.

A few minutes later and I was home thinking, wow, I did it, how did I do it? I can't quite believe it, I am a runner, my app told me. Then I realised it's the programme and all the amazing support, help and guidance on this forum. It's the fact that everyone has their doubts, their challenges and hopes. In short only a small part of me is doing it, it's the rest of you carrying me round.

Thanks everyone, we did great today and we'll do great on R2, I promise, just stick with it.

Now I most go shower before the rest of me melts on the chair.

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You did wonderfully..on so many levels!!!

Absolutely brilliant and positive post... others take note please.. this is one sassy RUNNER!!!



I'm both impressed and inspired by your story. I'm m due for Wk3R3 tomorrow and your post made me look forward to Wk4 on Tuesday! You are now part of my C25K success story, and you have become that person that helps and support others. Gonna be standing on the virtual sidelines cheering you on your succeeding runs!

I'm just starting out and this is so inspiring. Well done you!

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