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Knee pain - starting from scratch?

Having not done any real exercise in longer than i care to remember, i was overjoyed to actually enjoy my first 2 weeks of C25K! However, i was stopped abruptly in my tracks by horrific knee pain that was diagnosed as soft tissue damage by the doctor. Just over two weeks of rest (no running, barely any walking) i feel like i'm not far off getting started again. Having got to week 2 run 3, should i pick up where i left off, or start from the beginning? Any tips to keep the knees fit and healthy? Thanks! :)

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It's early into the programme, so start back where you left off very gently and see how it goes. Leg strengthening excercise would benefit the knees, amongst other areas, think there's a pinned post but here's the link..


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Thanks davelinks that's really helpful. My doctor gave me some strengthening exercises to do too, so i'll look at both sets. Hopefully i'll be back on plan in the next couple of weeks! :)

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May also be worth checking trainers for adequate cushioning..


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