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W4 R2 struggling :(


So tonight I tried to run w4R2.... I didn't manage to complete it :( I've had about 10 days off as I've got a suspected chest infection that I just don't seam to be able to shift :( my legs were absolutly fine! but I just couldn't breathe! Previous weeks it's been my legs that have wanted to give up! Should I go back a week and build back up or should I just do what I can and hope that I improve? Am running on a treadmill because I've got a little one at home so going out running isn't really possible... does anyone else run on a treadmill? I managed the first 3 runs but I honestly had nothing left for the last 5 minutes :( gutted. Anyone got any suggestions? I started this to improve my fitness and try to lose around a stone... is that even possible?

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Is your chest infection completely better? If not I suspect you shouldn't be running. Illness and injury is frustrating and my progress has been delayed by both but all you can do is be patient.

Is it possible to improve your fitness. Definitely. Once you are better just keep at it. Repeat any run you couldn't complete and then move on. Slow and steady and you will get there.

Is it possible to lose a stone. Definitely but you probably need some kind of healthy eating plan alongside the running.

Don't give up. Give yourself a break, a pat on the back for getting to week 4 and when you are ready, carry on with the programme. You can do it.

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Ah thank you :) no my chest infection isn't completely cleared up but I feel like I need to do something and thought maybe a run would help shift the lingering last bit of the chest infection. Am eating healthy, no cola! No sugar/ sweets, lots of veg... I do still like a glass of red wine tho! lol that might need to stop... am not massively overweight but am a stone overweight according to my BMI calculator.... I've been telling myself for ages that 'muscle weighs more than fat' and because I have a horse as well and ride 4/5 times a week obviously it's muscle... right? Lol but it's time to shift that extra weight even just dropping a dress size would be perfect :) think I'll run what I can until this chests sorted then see where I am on the program.... part of me feels that week 5 would be better because it's got longer recovery times?! Anyone else feel like that?


Chest infections and running definitely do not mix!! I had 3 chest infections over last winter - if I waited until it had definitely gone, my breathing was fine when I ran (And I could just carry on from where I got to in the program); if I tried to go out before it had completely cleared up, I struggled and often ended up repeating runs. I know it's tough waiting, but you need to make sure it has completely gone before you run again, otherwise your body will take even longer to mend. Be patient and it will work out better in the long run ( pun intended!!!) 😁

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