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Week4 Run2 -sore calf on one side

So all was going well. Have completed 2 runs of week 4 but trying to go a little faster second time as didn't feel I was as tired as Laura said I should be. Unfortunately my right calf muscle is really sore. Have been trying to stretch it (went to yoga and been doing heel drops on the stairs)but still very sore. Should I run or rest up?

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My advice would be to rest up, simply because I am on the IC with a calf injury:(

I had a twinge a few weeks back... it turned out, I found out later, to be a minor tear... I did not know this, a RICE, then rested for a week then because the pain had apparently gone, ran again.. it reoccurred and I rested for 12 days..again, did everything right, took advice, then rest, stretches, roller... went out again and calf pain back again!

I saw a Sports Physiotherapist last week.. and that is where I found out about the problem. Tear is mostly healed now, but I cannot run until I get the all clear from the Physio. The next appointment is this Saturday. I have been allowed to walk, cycle or swim..no running though.

So... and we are not experts, rest up, try rolling and simple gentle stretches etc, but if in doubt, get it checked. Having had this for nearly a month now, (not trying to be a prophet of doom)... I am advising caution :)

Hope it sorts :)


Thanks. It is feeling much better this afternoon but may rest it fora bit longer and see. Hope you are back to fulle health soon.

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Thanks.. just take care x


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