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Starting again

I started week 1, run 1 again yesterday as my last four runs had been a struggle to complete all the running sections. I ran further and faster than I'd gone before so really felt an improvement. It's still a practice run as I still couldn't manage the full Sixty seconds for two of the segments. There was a moment though when I felt like I was flying, jogging along in the beautiful countryside. Think I'm going to love this running malarkey. I shall keep doing week 1 until I can complete it before moving on. I definitely feel an improvement and consistency is key so I'm going to do Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Good luck everyone.

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Well done, seems like you are making good progress👍

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Well done but slow and steady is the key - if you are getting out of breath then try slowing down until you can breath more easily. I have never run in my life but but by just going slow I'm now on week 6. You can do it!

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