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W8R1 tomorrow!

So tomorrow I am attempting the first run of week 8. I am a little apprehensive as I struggled a lot in week 7, especially with gremlins! No two runs are ever the same for me, first my lungs will give out, then the next run it will be my calves and then the third it will be gremlins!

In other news, I decided it was time to treat myself to a better sports bra as my current one is no longer as supportive as it should be! I am also going to change up my music to much shorter songs so I don't get as bored or annoyed at the long songs that seem to last an eternity!

Hopefully this will be enough preparation! Any other advice or tips would be greatly appreciated! Week 8 I am coming for you!

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Let us know how you get on, I am doing this run on Wednesday and I've had the same type of week as you on Week 7. Today I had to 'run' (stagger) in the heat and it was the worse run ever!! I even had to walk the last 60 seconds, which I've never done. Half of it down to gremlins, half to overheating. But onwards and upwards and only ever when it's cool from now on! My sports bra requires an act of contortion to get it on and off but it does the job! Good luck.


You will be pleased to know that this run went much smoother! It must have just been a bad week before!

I hope your run goes well :)


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Yay! Glad to hear it! I'm hoping to get in the zone and get it done! Fingers crossed. x


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