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Finally arrived at Week 9! (Run 1)

Did the run before work - here I am outside the gym on the industrial estate where I work. Not the greatest of routes - going through Milton Park I kept being slowed down by c*rs that kept wanting to turn left. Nice bit in the middle along the side of a wheat field (but not through it! that would have slowed me down even more!)

Would have liked to do an evening run somewhere more quiet, but other commitments intervened, and it's good to set yourself up for the day with a run.

When I started I never thought I'd reach this point, yet amazingly I have managed it, without ever stopping on a run, or repeating a week. Probably down to adopting a snail's pace so I didn't get too puffed out. I think my first full 5k will be about 35-40 minutes.

It has been great to read other peoples reports - like me most people dreaded w5r3 and w6r3 which seemed like big jumps but in fact weren't so bad after all. Great to know you're not alone!

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Good luck with your last couple of pre-grad runs!

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Well done we are at the same stage in the process. I have run 2 tomorrow of week 9 hope to graduate Thursday. Good luck for you final 2 runs of the program

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Good luck to you too! I have run 2 on Wednesday and graduate either Friday or Saturday.


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