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A very tired 5k

I should have posted this on Saturday but at bit like the run just didn't happen got up reluctantly after a very disturbed night due to humidity to just see how far I felt like going was probably dehydrated as well which didn't help anyway started off did the warm up after a slight mis-start but off we go didn't feel comfortable breathing ragged and really did not want to do this got going down towards the bridge and down the Endway past the car cemetery and on to the main road feeling really tired and I've only done 3k kept going got to 4k and walked the final bit home all in all a reasonable run the only plus being my walking speed has improved I now walk around 2 minutes slower than I run so getting fitter BONUS.

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It is very sticky still out there so running feels harder. But you got out and you're getting fitter. Perfect ๐Ÿ™‚


Sounds very similar to my Parkrun on Saturday. There is always better and enjoyable runs to come in the future.


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