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Week 7 Run 1 practice

So much to my amazement I completed week 6 run 3 in relative comfort ( I really never thought I would be able to run non stop for 25 minutes).

So come week 7, on Friday, I decided to up my pace a bit. BIG BIG mistake!! After 6/7 minutes I had to slow down to almost a walk and by halfway I was exhausted and heavy legged. I was desperately hanging on for Sarah to tell me I had 60 seconds left, but when she said 5 minutes, that was it. I gave up and walked home.

Just about to go out and try again -but this time I'll save any speed increase til the very end.

One valuable lesson learned!

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I didn't complete this same run yesterday and I think that was partly for the same reason. I intend to repeat it tomorrow and treat it with the respect it demands!

We know we can run for 25 minutes, that's what makes this 'practice' run so frustrating.

Let us know how you get on and good luck!


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