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After just over a week break compleated First run of week 8 this morning. The day after last run I developed pain in top of foot so decided to rest it for a bit.

Bought some new supportive trainers yesterday to help with feet issues and headed reluctantly out the door.

I kept going to the end but had to slow to a gentle jog on the spot several times, which seems to help, bizarrely!

I thought Jo was never going to say "stop" and for first time ever I felt slightly nauseous!

Although, I slowed to running gently in the spot, to recover slightly, I'm still counting it a success as I didn't stop or walk.

It was certainly an improvement on the run, just over a week ago, where I felt I'd literally dragged myself round!

Hopefully the new trainers will help and I'll have less issues with my feet so making runs and how I feel post run, better.

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