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Now I feel like I am getting somewhere


W7R1 - out early this morning in the fog. Ran this 25 minutes (slowly) then speeded up at the end and kept going for an extra minute - and now, for the first time in this programme, I am gloriously achy - in a very good and positive way. I feel like I have really done some work. I feel that I could reach 30 minutes before W9 but I suppose I should stick to the programme. Early on in the first weeks, I did a lot of repeated runs and I think this is being reflected now - I have taken much longer than 7 weeks to reach here as I have always wanted to feel confident in the runs I have done before moving on to the next one. My fitbit suggested that I ran for about 3.8K this morning though this may be because of the shorter pace of the slow running misleading it.

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