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First park run on week 7, i would recommend doing it sooner if your course is hilly like mine 😳

So I did my local parkrun on sat, really proud of myself for actually going as it was raining and a 40min walk there and back!

It was hilly, 10 hills. Luckily rain stopped. Walked the first 5mins as my warm up as app says to do so. Really proud to have ran the 25mins as never done hills then walked the rest and did it in 35 min 33 secs. Wasn't trying to get a specific time but happy with it, I'm fairly young at 32 and fairly fit in general so wasn't actually too bad. Fitted perfectly with app timings too!

I'd actually recommend doing it sooner as my course anyway was suited to walking up the hills and running down them so perfect for the earlier weeks of interval training and they said lots of people do that. This week no one was slower than 38mins which I think is unusual as some people do walk a lot of it so don't worry!

If you are considering parkrun, do it!!! 👍🏻

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I totally agree. I tried C25k a few times in the past. And failed after week 4, 5 or 6. This time I tried a Parkrun back at the end of April whilst I was on week 5 of the plan. I did a time of 39:14 whilst I ran and walked my way around the course. I was hooked. That Parkrun made me want to come back and do better the next week. I love Parkrun, I have ran 8 so far and volunteered at 2. I've got my PB down to 32:07. I'm on a quest for a sub 30 minute 5k which keeps me motivated.


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