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What's next?!

Starting w9 on Sunday. So damn proud of myself for running and never giving up. Didn't matter how tired I was or how out of breath, I just slowed down and carried on. Know I have 3 more runs left but it's finally sunk in that I can do it.

Anyhow, this post is actually to ask for advice on apps to continue to 10k. I've seen a few but wasn't sure which was the best as most claim to be a couch to 10k. Are any of you graduates filling a good one you could recommend?

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Our very own Juicy Ju has a 10k programme over on the 10k Community, so pop across and join in

C25k+ Stepping Stones podcasts are a natural follow-on to the C25k programme so I would take those first. They are very good! I run them all the time and they kick your butt. Bit weird but in a good way

Sami Murphy Bridge to 10k is the bees knees. You could do those after C25k+ and Juicy Ju programme

Good luck and happy running. Take care though. Go very steadily! You have to carefully build your running legs and it takes time

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Great, thanks for the advice.


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