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Couch to 5K
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Yeah did it!!!! Was worried about r3 after doing a boxercise class for the first time after r2 - yikes muscles aching where I didn't know I had muscles. So I set off with a heavy heart and very very heavy legs. So despite the normal puffing and panting I completed the run 🏃🏻 bit odd towards the and of the second 3 min run when I seemed to be going numb from my waist to my knees but that stopped when I started walking again. Maybe my body was saying no too much - but I now have three days 'rest' if you call it that @Silverstone. Much walking but no running now till next week. Happy weekend everyone 🇬🇧🏎🐒

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Well done, have my R1W3 tomorrow and although I am excited about it I am also a tad worried about the step up to 3 minutes. How did you find it?


I found r1 hard but 2&3 were better. I did r1 in the evening & it was very warm - I normally run in the morning so that might have part if I guess. Good luck with the run - I'd say just pace yourself. I was disappointing that I did less distance than wk2 but when I worked it out there is the same amount of running but less walking so it would be less distance. Good luck 😉 🐵👍

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