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Good morning!

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Well that wasn't so easy today ! W5 r2 - after my previous run when I felt light and at ease I didn't expect to feel tired ( well heavy to be precise !) anyway I persevered and completed the run without stopping and kept at the same pace throughout apart from the last minute when I went faster so I didn't stop !! Immediately after stopping my legs felt like jelly and weak for a moment- well I don't know about feeling proud I was just feeling knackered !!

Putting this into perspective it was a longer run - maybe I was just a tad more tired today and possibly dehydrated - I'm still looking forward to the challenge of my next run 20 minutes without a break but anyone got any advice for me ? -just don't want to injure myself as I'm really enjoying my new found fitness ๐Ÿ˜

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Hello and well done for getting to week 5. Your body is ready for the next run and you need to tell yourself this as it is all in the head from hereon. Just make sure you take it slow and steady, don't go off too fast and let yourself settle into the run, let your mind wander and enjoy the run as it is a milestone.

Nicciola in reply to SC1472

Yes Thankyou ! Positivity ! I did enjoy the run today - maybe need to rest up and drink plenty to gear myself up ! I will enjoy ๐Ÿ˜Š


Hydrate well every day not just the day you run, your body draws on this for the run.

You did great, brilliant run!

Nicciola in reply to Millsie-J

Thankyou !

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