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Week 1 in the bag!!!

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I am so chuffed!!

I never thought I'd do it, being someone who hasn't run since she was at school - and even then I tried to avoid it!!

I found the second run the hardest, but I think I went too fast, and did it too late, so my runs will be early mornings...

My advice to anyone just starting out....just put your kit on and do it! I prevaricated for months and now I'm so pleased I did it. 😁

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Very well done for starting this.. and as you have discovered..slow and steady is the way!


Well done on completing week one!

Starting is definitely the hardest and biggest step of the programme.

Keep posting on here, it will help motivate you on the days you think twice about going out.

Good luck with the rest of the programme.

Looking forward to congratulating you on graduation day in 8 weeks time!


Woohoo! Well done 😊

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