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Aches and pains

Just finished run 3 of week 1. Ran every other day and it went okay considering it's been a couple of years since I did any exercise. Well, fifteen to be precise. The 90 second rest periods were just about right to get my breath back before going again. Feeling good mentally but my knees and calf muscles were quite painful today. This is not surprising given they're carrying so many stones of weight. Just contemplating when I should do my next run? Wouldn't mind giving it a couple of days for my muscles to recover but don't want to lose any early progress I've made fitness-wise. It's Thursday today, so thinking of Sunday for the next one. Any advice from more seasoned runners?

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Wouldn't describe myself as seasoned (well in life, yes but running, no) But a couple of days off is absolutely fine. If you think about the programme- 3 runs in 7 days there is room for a two day break every week.

The only slight caution is mental not physical- I always found it more difficult to go out after 2 days and had more self doubt. But as long as you are prepared to give your self a kick up the bum, you'll be fine :)


Hi Dave, I agree with Helen on this, I've just finished W3R3 and had to take a 2 day break during it because of commitments. It was like my legs were lead and I am convinced that every other day, my brain is gradually saying 'oh yes it's 8am, get up and out' and that the inevitable routine is slowly embedding itself into my consciousness. For me the 1 day break works well mentally. But the physical wellness is something only you can tell. But if you take 2 days it's no problem, just make sure you have a good butt kick strategy! Good luck with the next one

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I had a 3 day break and it was OK but if it is longer then yes lots of butt kicking is needed. Physically you won't loose fitness in 2 days but on the other hand if you run before your muscles recover and you don't finish due to pain, you may get disheartened. Not a seasoned runner myself but Sunday sounds a lovely day for a run.

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