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Couch to 5K
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Just Saying Hello

Just saying Hi. I'm a newbie here, but running Week 9. Run 1 yesterday. Not a great run in the heat on holiday in Mallorca. Heyho, some runs are better than others.

I know that the biggest stumbling block that I have is my own mind. 30 mins is doable really, but boy is it difficult.

At the pace I'm running, how will I get to 5K though, or should I not worry and keep working on this going forwards?

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Don't worry about not reaching the 5k make that a work in progress just enjoy the moment of running for 30 minutes and getting your graduate badge. Well done on getting so far without the forum.


Thank you. I will keep at it and see what I can achieve.


That's the attitude and bear in mind a lot of Graduates never made 5k and quite a few still haven't


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