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Couch to 5K
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Week 1 complete

Just done run 3 of week 1 and still feeling good about it, in fact I felt excellent by the time I finished the 5 minute cool down walk.

Looking forward to week 2 :)

How does everybody manage the fact there is 1 more day in the week than just doing 1 day run / one day rest? Do you end up taking a 2 day break between weeks or manage it some other way? I'll admit to being pretty particular about things like this (I'm not going to say OCD, it's nowhere near that severe)

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I have 6 or 8 day weeks :) or 2 rest days and I am particular about things to (not quite OCD either) I think I feel a bit more relaxed since starting - I fit it in around "life"

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There is nothing to stop you running every other day throughout the programme, which will get you finished in about eight weeks. I did, apart from a gap in the middle somewhere.

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