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Having to take a break :(

So today I completed week 8 run 1! It was a really tough run and I'm really proud of myself for completing it.

Unfortunately, my ankle was acting up again and when I got home I had to ice both ankles for a while. After chats with fellow runners and physiotherapy friends it seems I've injured my tibialis posterior.

Everyone's strongly suggesting I take a break for a bit and rest up which is really really annoying because I'd been getting so into running.

So a good day and a sucky day! :(

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Oh no .... what a shame but you had better Take the advice and rest up . Well done foe getting so far x

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Oh Nooooo! :-(

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Well done on your run , shame about your ankle , hope its better soon . I am still on week 6 , run 3 still to do so still to catch up with you , you have been doing well , ask the physios what you exercise you can do meantime or have to rest it completely?

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