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Last Sunday I finished W2R3 but haven't run since due to having had a chest infection. Antibiotics now finished so plan on running again tomorrow morning. Do I start W3R1 or should I go back to W2? Also, some weeks ago I signed up and paid for for a beginners course of running at my local running club, thinking it would be C25K. Unfortunately it isn't! Most people there can run virtually non stop for at least 20 minutes and a lot of them have done park run. I'm always tail end Charlie a long way back so feel bad about it. Maybe I should just concentrate of C25K at my own speed. Any thoughts?

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I'd say do whatever feels best for you :) If you've had a chest infection it might be an idea to go for W2R3 again, just to make sure you don't over do things too quickly, but if you think you're ready you could do W3? If it gets too much you could always stop and go back to W2? Depends what you feel most comfortable with in the end.

As for the running club, I'd definitely say it's better to go at your own pace. Don't worry about everyone else/what speed they're doing (which I know is easier said then done :P), just go at whatever pace feels comfortable for you :)

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Go steady... after a course of antibiotics you need to give yourself some recovery time...When you do head out, just try to go very gently and listen to your body :)

C25K at your own speed is the very best way to do it! :)

Slow and steady and having had fun... a few folk at the moment going at it hell for leather.. the programme is all about a slow and steady build up... you do it your way and don't be pushed..:) if the folk there are at that level.. ask for your money back :)

Feel better soon and maybe just start W3 and see how you feel :)


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