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Feeling very proud of myself

I've been doing the programme on a treadmill up until now. I ventured out for my first run outfdoors today on a busy common with my other half who is an experienced runner. I was really not looking forward to it but ended up thoroughly enjoying it. I actually felt like a 'proper' runner for the first time

I ended up doing 5.2km in 34 mins alternating 4m run 2m walk... a lot shorter durations runs than I do on the app at week 7 but wanted to take it easy.

I'm going to start moving one of my weekday runs outside from now on as well as joining my other half at the weekend.

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Well done! Running outdoors is such fun - glad you've got the bug!


Sounds great Cliff.

Happy running outside.😊


It's funny how running outside makes you feel like a 'proper' runner isn't it?!

Well done!


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