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W1R3...getting better by degrees!

So 3rd run this morning. Was blowing a hoolie, you fair notice it when you're 'running' into it eh? Managed right up to r4 when my app and spotify stopped working again so slowed to a walk about halfway in to sort them out. After that managed right up to the end although I stopped the last 2 runs about 10secs earlier than lovely Sarah Millican told me to. Still, it was much better than R1 and better still than R2. Getting better in increments! Next run is Tuesday afternoon. Obviously repeating W1 again as I've not nailed it yet. I never EVER thought I'd be the type of person to get out my bed on a Sunday and go for a run. Ever. I haven't told anyone about this...purely because I'll not take any flak if I drop out, but so far that's not occured to me, although I did have to FORCE myself to run past a bench in the park today...:D

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There have been a few people here who've done the whole programme in secret to surprise/astound/amaze loved ones. But you've told us so we wont let you drop out 😉

Well done on the run.


Keep on going - you can do it! I thought the opposite to you. I purposefully announced my intentions to complete the couch to 5k on facebook, with the idea that if I don't go ahead with it, I'll look a right plonker! The people who came out of the woodwork offering to be running partners, or offering ideas for running routes has been so motivating. Enjoy your achievements and remember that most people will be thinking positive thoughts when you are out running in public - the others aren't worth bothering about!

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