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W5 R3 (again)

So I posted a few days ago about being worried about doing this run today, and received some lovely words of encouragement 😊

Well, I missed the run altogether ☹️ Woke up to a dodgy tummy, and that combined with stormy weather here today, I just couldn't face it. I usually run Tuesday, Thursday/Friday and Sunday - so my question is, do I just repast this week's runs or try the 20 min run 3 on Tuesday despite a 4 day gap?!

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Do it on Tuesday, you won't have lost much fitness having a 4 day break

Good luck and remember slow is the way to go X


Do it Tuesday, I had a 5 day gap before wk5 run 3 due to work etc and It was fine. I'm sure you will smash it. Good Luck 😊

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Thanks Nikki, I'll give it a go!


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