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Week 3 started

Today was my W3R1. I did it without my dog, as I wanted to concentrate on my breathing, not talking to and taking care of her (as she is still learning a proper behaviour during running).

I found this run exhausting. I blame for it the weather and my last two dinners, that were rather heavy. I suffered kind of stich and kind of cram in my right groin. Nothing serious, but made this run quite difficult. After last run, I think my brain had to much oxygen, as I had sudden kracking headache and pain in sinuses. Longer cool-down walk and longer than usual stretching session just after the run, plus long warm shower helped a lot :)

Regardless everything, I am proud of doing it and finishing the session. I am ready to run with Lori, my crazy terrier, on Tuesday and going another step forward :) Please weather be gentle on me on Tuesday.

Keep going all of you, wherever on the path you are! One step at a time ;) Slow and steady :)

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Well done for finishing. Sorry you had problems, glad stretching helped.

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Oh dear.... never mind :) You ran and at least you are feeling a bit better now?

Well done for carrying on too... remember, every run makes us stronger. although sometimes???? :)x

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I am very glad I did it. I picked nice rout along the canal, so many nice views and a lot of nature. With Lori I'm running on the pavement (for now), as it is wider and she is not tempted to have a mid-run cool-down bath in the canal :P

I enjoyed nthe sun shining between trees, reflexes on the water :) Feeling of my blood pumping. And now, this relaxation and feeling of accomplishment :D

I think I found my motivational trick when my partner isn't here. As I have to go for a walk woth Lori, I'm just putting my running gear on (+some trousers and hoodie on top) and straight after the walk I'm going out for a run. With few sips of water in between :) Let's hope it will be working long like that.



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