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Elite Runners Beware

because soon you'll be eating my dust.

Having lost my runners mojo for the last few weeks, and feeling unbelievably discouraged at how slow I've been when I do run, I've not been able to face my running gear and have just been feeling really 'bleh' about the whole running thing.

"If you're that worried about speed," Mam told me today, having got fed up of my telling her how I'm fed up of always being last at ParkRun (always coming in with the tail runner) "We'll go out and do some interval training, to get your speed up"

Tentative, nervous (and more than a bit nervy still of running in public because Dyspraxia makes me all too aware that I'm heavy, ungainly and generally ungraceful when I move around, let alone when I run) but with more than a bit of trepidation on my part, we still went out.

A long stretch helped and, even though my lungs sides started to hurt pretty bloody badly (yes, I complained and wanted to stop) I managed to run flat out 3 times, actually leaving Mam in my dust since when I'm actually going at full speed I'm PDQ and she needed to increase her own speed to keep up.

As I sit now, freshly scrubbed and not in running kit, I think we went out at the right time as it's just started bucketing down again.

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Just keep at it and one day you will not be last.........if you stop now, all you will be left with is the fact that you were last.

This should be a lifetime's journey......not a quick fix. You can do it!!!


Yay, well done! Sounds like you might be finding your mojo again ;)


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